Our Story

We have extensive experience in property development covering such areas as: residential homes, commercial fitouts, renovation and property management.

Quality and customer satisfaction is our first priority. We aim to provide a highly efficient, competent and professional service in every project delivery.

We have our own building team, architects and project management team. We provide comprehensive solutions for;

  • subdivision and investment opportunities
  • land and home capital appreciation packages
  • one-stop shop for finance, design, construction
  • quality assurances and warranties.

Our projects extend from Perth metropolitan area to regional locations.


Property Developer

Lucy Deng is a property developer and her business Aus Vision Property Development specialise in efficient, sustainable, and fine-lifestyle dwellings in the Perth metro area. Lucy discusses her experience of working with Tony Cai on a private residential renovation and in a commercial residential project.

How did you come to be working with Tony Cai from Exceptional Homes?

I've known Tony for many years. I met him when I had a major project in Cannington. It consisted of twenty-five residential units and a commercial unit. At that time Tony was supplying the kitchen fitouts. He also worked on a residential renovation project on my own investment property.

What was your experience like?

He's quite thorough. He is approachable and very easy to talk to.

Was there anything that you were pleasantly surprised about in the process?

I was already expecting it to be a good project. Perhaps I was surprised that it was so very easy. The other thing that impressed me was that it was delivered a little ahead of schedule. That was a nice surprise.

What do you think is Tony's business point of difference, having seen his work in residential as well as a commercial context?

I've seen him grow from his initial cabinet making business right through to running a quality residential building company. He's someone who absorbs knowledge very fast and adapts to market requirements. He has excellent communication skills and he delivers on his promises.

Can you comment on the quality of the workmanship that you've witnessed?

It's over three years since Tony worked on twenty-five residential units. In that time, I've had only one complaint and that was for one loose screw. I have no complaints from my other twenty-four buyers. That is evidence of outstanding quality workmanship.

If you knew someone who was considering a new residential build with Tony at Exceptional Homes, what would you say to them?

You'll be dealing with a very experienced person and a handpicked team. They are trustworthy and always deliver. They will not overcharge you. If you choose Tony and Exceptional Homes you won't regret it. He is an excellent person running an impressive company.

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Architectural Designer

Michelle Felix Balthazaris an architectural designer who brings an international flair to her contemporary residential design. She talks here about her experience of the Exceptional Homes approach.

How did you come to know Tony Cai from Exceptional Homes?

We had a client in common a long time ago. That job was all about kitchen cabinet work. That was my very first contact with Tony. At that time his business specialised in quality cabinetry and even that long ago, I immediately noticed that the standard of work was flawless.

Years later, our paths crossed when the same client referred my work to Tony. There was a great professional connection between the two of us.  We were on the same page about a lot of things. One job led to another, since then we've been working together on quite a few residential projects.

How would you describe the way Tony and Exceptional Homes operate?

Tony takes delivering the work very seriously. I think that's something that I really like about working with him. He's very focused at what he does. He is skilled at listening to the client and then delivering on that. I believe that is so important. I think you do need that high-level communication skill. You need to be able to deliver and make sure the client is happy with their new home.

When it comes to the design side and the architectural building, I think Tony and I are on the same page because we are both into contemporary design. We really like modern elegant buildings.  That makes the entire design-to-build process easier for the client too.

The other thing that I enjoy is that Tony is very skilled with the project administration while working within the client’s budget. I, on the other hand, bring the innovative design site. My skill is helping to clarify a design that will delight the client. To deliver joy beyond function and form. Everyone has a particular taste and wishlist. Tony and I work together to deliver a quality result that delights the client and respects the budget.

What do you think is the Exceptional Homes point of difference?

They are extremely professional. You always get accurate information. There's a commitment to quality delivery, and they live up to that. I would also say the quality of their work and the quality that they are going for overall, is quite exceptional. They are always looking for the opportunity to stand out in terms of service. They are always seeking ways to do things better. They are serious about delivering that difference.

Is there any comment you can make about budgets?

I would say that they are very careful with the budget, because every time we are talking about a particular project there is a serious consideration of the budget. The intention is always to get the best value for the client and deliver something special.

What can people expect from Tony and the team at Exceptional Homes?

I'd say you can expect a quality result. You'll experience clear communication and a commitment to excellence. You'll be working with a team wanting the best result for you and respecting your budget along the way.

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Registered Builder

Craig is a registered builder, engineer and project manager with over 30 years’ experience in the building industry. His business provides a professional property inspection service. Here is his expert feedback about the work of Exceptional Homes that he has inspected.

Could you tell me how you came across Tony Cai and his business Exceptional Homes?

A client contacted me and asked me to undertake a series of five inspections throughout a residential build to ensure that the house complied with The Building Code of Australia (BCA), the design, Australian Standards and the Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2019.

What do you recall from those inspections?

I've undertaken four out of the five inspections on that building site. Usually, when I go out to inspect a site, I find quite a few items that are outstanding or defective. However, in this case, I only found a few minor items to comment on. I raised those items with the builder, they were remedied immediately and without any question whatsoever. It certainly made my job a lot easier and gave me a lot of confidence in Exceptional Homes as a capable builder. I haven't seen the final build yet, but what I can say is that so far the standard has maintained a very high quality. The very few issues that I found were minor and rectified immediately.

What would you say to someone who's considering a new build with Exceptional Homes?

I've already recommended Exceptional Homes to quite a few of my clients who are in the early planning stages and yet to choose a builder. The feedback that I've received from my client is that Exceptional Homes are easy to deal with. The other people I've referred say they've had a good experience from a responsive builder.